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Web Design solutions built to suit your business needs and strengthen your online presence

At Primal42 we design sites that are unique to your business, we take pride in each and every project we start and do not use generic templates to pump out similar looking websites to just make money. We want to enhance our own reputation with every site we build so put everything in to making them as great looking, responsive, user friendly and successful as we can. We are also always on hand to advise of any additions or changes you wish to make to the website further down the line.

Our design process begins with a free consultation with you to make sure we understand your requirements and that we align our expectations of the design and level of success. We then spend as much time as is needed researching or consulting with yourself how your business works, what is important for your company and your brand including future plans. Normally we will then further study your industry and competition to see if there are any other areas we can improve with the website and give you a competitive edge.

After the initial check and consultation we will then design a basic template of your system and normally hold another consultation with you to make sure we have everything you require or add them in. We will then go on to build and design the website to the specifications we have set. Throughout the design process we may have further consultations, the bigger the project the more time we will spend with you to make sure every fascet of the website is the way you want it.