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Our Process

Initial Consultation - We make sure we get an in depth view of how the business works, what the website needs to do and how the business feels and the features that we want to amplify.

Research - We then study the industry the business is in taking a look at their competitors to see where they can gain a competitive advantage.

Planning - We develop our wireframe showing how the website will work and meet the needs of the business then have discuss this with the client making any alterations as needed.

Development and Testing - We develop and test the website including SEO standards to get the website ranking as high as possible on google and other search engines.

Roleout - We plan any marketing campaigns and agree the date the website will go live.

Maintenance and Monitoring - As customer service is our principal goal Primal42 don’t just build a website we want to make sure our work exceeds your expectations, we monitor not only the performance of the website but the search engine rankings as well and make any alterations needed to improve the way the website runs.

Adaptable Purchase Options

As we all need to adapt and find new ways of working and innovating in this period of uncertainty, Primal42 can offer you different ways of using our services, as well as the normal payment methods we can work with clients as partners through a commission based model or a hybrid model that suits your business needs.

If you would like more information about how we can help your business or a discussion about your business needs online please contact us.