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Website Design Manchester

At PRIMAL42 we are passionate about building fantastic looking websites that work for business in Manchester and the surrounding area.

We design all our websites bespokely to our clients business needs including building the website responsively to work on any device and to modern SEO standards to get more exposure faster. We work with numerous businesses in and around Manchester from websites fro Trades such as builders and plumbers to larger e-commerce websites.

Collecting business details for website design in Manchester

Responsive web design Manchester

Primal42 build all our websites to be fully responsive for all modern devices. This means they work just as well and dont irritate or put off your customers with sections that dont work or display properly. In 2021 arround 66% of all searches online were mobile devices, as more customers switch to surfing the web using mobile or tablet devices it is vitally important that you have a website that caters to this.

Google now punishes websites that aren't mobile responsive so not only will you irritate and lose customers on your website, you will lose your ranking position for 66% or more of your customer searches. Primal 42 offer our web design services in Manchester with responsive design at the heart of our website build so you know this is already taken care of.

Collecting business details for website design Manchester

Website Design with SEO Manchester

SEO (search engine optimisation) services improve your ranking on search results, this puts you in a better position to more attract potential customers. Primal42 design all our websites up to modern SEO standards to give your website more exposure in search engine results and increase customers on your website. We also undertake keyword research and check out the competitors of all our clients, this helps us structure your website content to attract more potential customers. SEO is part of Primal42's web design services in Manchester and beyond that can take your business to the next level.

Collecting business details for website design Manchester
Collecting business details for website design in Manchester

Primal42 Website Design Process

  • Collect Business Details: we arrange a meeting or phone conversation to discuss what you want the website to accomplish. We discover your goals and information about your business such as brand details, services or products you offer, type of customers you want to attract and much more. We then take this information away and do some research ourselves to get a better idea of your business environment and how to build a website that will meet your needs.
  • Planning: making sure take that extra bit of time to properly plan your website is important to us, it help us understand what you need and how best to plan a website to reach this. We collate all the details we have and form a detailed plan to build your website, sometimes depending on the size and complexity of your website we may discuss certain aspects of this with you to make sure we cover all the bases.
  • Website First Draft or Prototype: Once we have a plan how to move forward with your website we will build a first draft or prototype, this is a basic website which shows what we call the frontend of your website with most branding, styles and content visible but aspects that involve databases such as logins, multiple products and purchasing may not fully work. This is so we can show you the path we are on and make any amendments you require.
  • Full Build: We now go away and complete the website build making any amendments needed and adding all the hidden parts that make everything work smoothly.
  • Testing: we rigourously test our websites to make sure they are as robust and reliable as possible. We spend the time needed to make sure everything works smoothly on multiple devices and web browsers so your website works optimally
  • Maintenance and Monitoring: When we are both happy with the final product we install the website on a live server with the chosen domain name, we then closely monitor its performance and provide any maintenance needed quickly and efficiently.

Collecting business details for website design Manchester

Manchester Web Design Features

Just some of the features we provide when we build a website in Manchester

  • Bespoke website designed for your business
  • Designed responsively for any modern device
  • Quality Content - both images and text
  • Clean & uniquely coded website
  • Social Media integration
  • Email address linked to your domain
  • Interactive and friendly interface
  • Unlimited revisions until satisfaction
  • Built with SEO strategy in mind
  • Customer testimonials and Portfolio sections
  • Personal contact for any online advice
  • Up to date with web modern standards
  • Copy writing to help you reach your goals
  • Hosting & security packages available
  • Maintenance & Support packages available

Why does my business need a website

Modern businesses can all benefit from having a professionally designed website built for their unique requirements, here are just a few:

  • Attract more customers - maybe obvious but if you can be found more easily online you will attract and be contacted by more potential customers.
  • Look more credible - a well designed website reflects on your business giving a great first impression and helping you look more established, professional and reliable to use.
  • Attract bigger clients - larger clients are more likely to look for more professional businesses as they may feel they are less risky than smaller businesses with less information available.
  • Gain customer trust - the more information a customer has about your services, reviews from previous clients and previous projects you have worked on the more they will trust and use your service or purchase your products.
  • Help your customer - give your customer the best information about your business or services to make it easy for them to use you. This could be your opening times, address or list of services you provide.
  • Be Found - makes it easier for customers to find and contact you with your address, maps and different methods of contact such as phone, email or web form.
  • Open 24/7 - not physically but customers can message you by email or web form 24/7 and you will not miss a potential job.

Primal42 provide quality web design services in and around Manchester to help your business go on to the next level contact us now for a quick free discussion on how we can help your business.

Collecting business details for website design Manchester


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